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                         Continuing Professional Development


Continuing Professional Development

If you are looking for an organization that can help you effectively and efficiently track and document your skills, experience and knowledge you formally and informally gain while you are working, Pharmacy Practice is your best option. We gladly help you ensure that you can continue to become competent in your chosen profession.
We provide you an efficient process of recording your experiences, learnings and help you apply it to your current professional activities. As we make it successful, you will be more aware of your performances all throughout your entire career.
Thus, we provide a particular section for your frequently asked questions (FAQ) to give you valuable answers to your queries with regards to your continuing professional development. We guarantee that all your questions in mind will be answered efficiently.
We give you the opportunity to use various resources for CPD planning from Board’s CPD record/plan blank template so that you can develop and monitor your own CPD plan. Also, it can help you record all your activities undertaken.
To make continuing professional development became more flexible and reachable, Pharmacy Practice held webinar presentation. This can help you gain more focus and best ideas on lifelong learning as well as tip to meet the CPD requirements.
Now, you can easily have proficient records of your performances in your professional career in the pharmacy industry. With Pharmacy Practice, you can even improve your career status.

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